Nuts & Bolts Of Specialized Screws

Since the first industrial revolution took place, there have been many other revolutions. One such revolution takes place right now while you are reading this informational introduction to metric ball screws. You might just have a need for its revolutions in the future so do sit in a little closer and read on.

Why not go in all the way? Apart from metric ball screws, consider a ball and a ball screw. There are well over five hundred polished single nut or double nut ball screw assemblies ready to shipped out your way. Depending where in the world you are operating from, you will always have a choice between utilizing metric or imperial sizes.

For the purposes of grading what size you may need for your operation, you have three choices; between grades 3, 5 and 7, with grade 3 being on the smallest scale from as little as less than an inch, and grade seven being the highest grading, going up to as much as 300mm or 12 inches. Screws are all fabricated to service you between the lowest loads and speeds and the highest loads and speeds.

metric ball screws

All nuts have been grounded internally to precision. The result is a quiet and smooth operation at every turn of the screw, no matter the speed of your revolution. While screw packages have already been prepared for shipping, you do still have optional assemblies and custom preloads to choose from, if that is what it is going to take to meet your operational specifications. Both standard and custom end machining has been catered for.

You also have choices between standard to custom flange types and your nose thread adapters. That, in the briefest of nutshells, is the nuts and bolts of your specialized screws.